E. Zambrana Jr., D.D.S. (aka “Dr. Z”)

drZDr. E. Zambrana Jr. attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pre-med program and graduated in 1968 with a degree in Chemistry.

He took a year off after college and taught high school science in Lillington, North Carolina before heading back to UNC to continue his studies.

One of the last classes he took before graduating was sculpting. He did very well and discovered he had an obvious talent for three-dimensional artwork. While teaching science, he also experimented with stained glass and created the stain glass rainbow that hangs in the reception area today.

A previous college roommate who was enrolled in the dental program recognized his sculpting talent and suggested that he look into becoming a dentist. Dr. Zambrana excelled in the dental aptitude test and enrolled into the dentistry program in 1969. He is a class of 1973 graduate.

He began his career in Boone, North Carolina as an associate at a busy dental office but was drawn back to the triangle area in 1975. He practiced in Durham for 11 years before opening his own office on Crutchfield Street, where he has been sculpting teeth since 1987.

Dr. Zambrana is a member of the American Dental Association and the North Carolina Dental Society. He enjoys traveling and cooking Caribbean cuisine in his spare time.